Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Bellwether

And so it begins:

The first publicly seen picture of the Bellwether, a chicken-footed spaceship what is home to a rag tag bunch of useful misfits. It's built with its body being a sphere with six thrusters, one at each of the main directions. These were meant to enable it to stop on a dime. The chicken-foot landing gear is based off of the tetrahedron, one of the most stable builds. Funny looking, yes, but completely functional.

The Bellwether's roster is as follows:
Bow- Maker, Pseudo-captain
Brick- Pilot, Ex-military for Independence side.
Halyn- Medic, punctual
Ashlan- Entertainer, simple
Ratt- Engine master
Erryn- Gung-ho Gunman

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