Friday, February 10, 2012

Ink Dancing: a Chronicle of Doodles.

A Green Man

Small Wing-ed Creature

Forget-Me-Not Blue



Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Special Nod to Finland

Second attempt at coloring. It was a doodle that was inspired by a friend's recent trip to Finland.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Whimsies as promised

 Text: Oh, they're in season again.

 Text: It turns out that traveling on the hopes and dreams of small children... is easier than understanding fuel combustion. Parking is still a problem, though.

First shot at coloring.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Sweet Senior Savories

I swear, if it wasn't for a certain friend of mine, I would never remember to post new things. He badgered me about updating this thing today, so I shall oblige him with new eyecandy from my brainpan. This is just some of the stuff that I concocted during this, my last year in highschool (can I get a wootwoot?) But at any rate. 

So this one was for a "random drawing" assignment at school. It looks kinda unfinished to most, but I like it as is. I think I'll even furnish my room in those colors. Funfact: all that grey swirley stuff was done with one line. 24" square, acrylic and marker.

One of the earlier incarnations of my cartoon girl. This one was done in 2009, just after I moved houses. I used to sit up on the roof and read when I wanted to avoid unpacking boxes. And, yes, it's done in crayon.

Probably the best entry in my mandatory sketchbook for my 3d Design 2 class. They told us to design a shoe we'd like to wear and say when we'd wear it. I was so proud of this doodle, since designing clothing isn't really my strongest suit. Wish the teacher wouldn't have written on it in pen though... 

Cover of my year long altered book project. 


Back cover

I really dig this one. It satisfies a very girly part of my psyche.

Without a doubt, the worst page in the whole book. I really didn't want to work on another of my projects so I just banged this thing out. Sloppy as all get out, but that's what I get for only spending a half hour on it.

This one is just downright fun.

The first page I made for the book. The tree bark took forever, stippling with a calligraphy marker. My teacher suggested that I put a caption with it of "As A Myth." This irked me more than it should have. I respect the old gods more.

Just plain bizarre, this one, though maybe that's why I'm so attached to it. Lots of fun religious references in this one. Also, the child type thing in her arms is based off a doll that I made. Maybe I'll upload a picture of that... eventually.

I'll admit it, this one was just to fill space.

I was really running out of ideas at this point.

I made the Emilie Autumn doodle also back in 2009 and found a place for it in this book. The book used to be the Encyclopedia of Vampires and when I looked for a page at random to put her in, I turned to the page on suicide. It was a beautiful coincidence. On the right is a terrible print of a long exposure picture I took in April on the docks in Jersey.

Here's a close up of the above. I took the liberty of hilighting specific words on the page in red crayon. The crayon is a reference to Emilie Autumn's book "The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Like Nobody's Watching.

Yes, you're absolutely right. It has been far too long since my last post. (insert generic apology for absence with excuses about school and life getting in the way). To make a long story short, I have oodles of doodles all lined up for sharing. Here's the first.

Text reads:

They said:
"Dance like nobody's watching."
So she did. 
The six people she took down in the process were not as enthused for her break-through.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Realized just how automatic it was a few nights ago when I had insomnia and this popped into my funny little brain.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ungodly Hour Machine

 Some day I will look back and cringe at these. For now, they amuse me intensely.